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For Over 80 Years, Radiator Specialty Company products help make things work better.                              

Offering Cooling System Service Chemicals Since 1924
Cooling System Service Chemicals
Radiator Sealer & Stop Leak quickly seals leak with a durable bond. Block Seal stops head gasket leaks and combustion chamber seepage. Super Radiator Flush is a one-step flush that removes rust and oil deposits and restore coolant flow. Super Radiator Sealer & Stop Leak is free-flowing, non-clogging formula. Seals where other brands fail. Compatible with all types. Anti-Rust & Water Pump Lube Mixes with all coolants. Prevents evaporation, formation of rust and corrosion. Keeps system clean & efficient. Lubricates and protects. 10-Minute Flush Quickly removes grease, scum, rust, and scale. Fast, 1-step. No acids. Compatible with all.
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