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Automotive Appearance
BUG33C Bug Remover with Wax
Bug Remover with Wax

Removes dried-on bug splatter, tree sap, grease and oil.
Clear coat safe.
Leaves a glossy protective barrier.
CEB1C Citrus Engine Brite®
Citrus Engine Brite®

Orange Citrus Scent
engine cleaner & detailer.
Powerful degreasing solvents that quickly and easily remove the toughest grease, dirt and grime.
GOB33C Orange Gunk
Gunk Orange Brite Trigger Sprayer

All-Purpose Cleaner
Cleans grease, grime and dirt on contact.  Leaves pleasant citrus fragrance.
DEOD33C Auto Deodorizer
Auto Deodorizer

For cloth interiors.
Kills odours and inside smell.
Leaves a fresh scent.
FTS21C Tire Shine
Tire Shine

Easy to use, just spray and let Tire Shine do the rest.
No need to wipe.
Lasting shine.
Beautifies and protects 
FWC22C Foaming Rim Cleaner
Foaming Rim Cleaner

Formulated to remove dirt, grime and brake dust from wheels, rims and hub caps.
Scrubbing foam action cleans quickly.
Safe on all Wheels
MPC22C Foaming Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner
Foaming Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Deep Cleans: Carpets, Fabric, Vinyl and Leather. Formulated to remove spills and stains such as grease, coffee, soft-drinks, dirt and grime.
GC1 Foaming Glass Cleaner
Foaming Glass Cleaner

A multi-purpose spray; cleans windshields and all glass windows, mirrors, appliances, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, porcelain and ceramic tile.
TR1C Tar & Bug Remover
Tar & Bug Remover

Dissolves road tar, loosens bug deposits, and removes tree sap and other stains from auto finishes and metal surfaces. Formulated to evaporate slowly and not run off.
Top Gun! Concentrated Cleaner

Multi-purpose liquid cleaner for nearly all hard and most soft surfaces. Cleans car mirrors, bumpers, heel marks on vinyl, beverage stains on seats, road tar, steering wheels, chrome plated parts, trunk tops ridges, headlights and recesses, wire wheels, etc. Excellent for RV’s, fiberglass hulls, golf carts, walls, showers, counter tops, stainless steel sinks, tiles, appliances and other washable surfaces. Excellent for cleaning reusable filters in home and commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Also effective on whitewall tires.
VW5 Car & Truck Wash
Car & Truck Wash

Deep cleans dirt and grime.  Safe on all finishes.
Won`t remove wax.

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