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GUNK® now offers a Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaner, #MAS7C, for do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) and Professionals (PROs). This aerosol spray cleaner is designed to dislodge and rinse away minute dirt particles that accumulate over time on the airflow sensor -- now common on virtually all fuel injected gasoline engines in cars and trucks. Aerosol spray cleans without harming delicate component materials, including metals, nylon, ABS, PVC, rubber, neoprene, and vinyl, found in today's systems. A clean air-fuel sensor enables accurate measurement of intake air volume for optimum fuel-to-air ratio for 'no-hesitation' performance

 Canada's First Choice for Performance Additives 

In 1931, Radiator Specialty Co. of Canada was formed to serve the Canadian Market.
Today, we have grown into a diversified manufacturer of a full line of specialty automotive products, that is highly responsive to the varied needs of Canadians from coast to coast. 
We make over 300 automotive products under many well-known and well-respected names, including Solder Seal®, Gunk®, Liquid Wrench®, Engine Brite®, Puncture Seal™ and Tite Seal™ to name a few.

Our first product, Solder Seal® Powder Radiator Repair, was the original heavy duty Radiator Stop Leak. It began a long legacy of superior automotive products that now include Tire Sealers, Lubricants and Penetrants, Degreasers, Fuel Treatments and Additives, Functional Fluids and Cleaners, as well as many other specialty chemicals, kits, and Point-of-Sale displays, designed for the growing Canadian retail market.

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